Artist Statement                                                                                                   

As a representational painter, I wish to convey sensory perceptions I observe from a subject that has caught my eye, just as a musician tries to interpret the feel of a piece of music.  It can be light, color, contrast or the sense of space, which might grab my attention.  The subject can be something from our everyday surroundings that may go unnoticed or a pattern of contrast found in an intimate setting.  A lover of nature and the great outdoors, I have in the last few years, redirected my primary interest to Plein Air (French, open air) or simply outdoor painting using Alla Prima (Italian, meaning at first attempt), a wet-on-wet painting technique, in which layers of wet paint are applied to previously administered layers of wet paint. This shift brought on a change from acrylic to oil paints.  My recent works draw influence from the Impressionists, as well as, individuals such as, John Singer Sargent, in particular his watercolors, Edward Hopper, Canadian artists Tom Thomson, Emily Carr and the Group of Seven.

About the Artist

D.P. Warner was born in New Haven, CT in 1949, and since, has lived in or spent prolonged stays in over a dozen states from east to west.  He went to Roanoke College wanting to study music and instead, graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in the Visual Arts.  He spent the next decade maintaining a studio, exhibiting paintings and playing drums in different bands (something he continues to do to this day.)  D.P. also worked in several art galleries and spent a few years as the resident artist for a large greenhouse and nursery company.  It was during this period, he became actively involved in educating himself and others in environmental concerns, something that became a major theme in his art and remains a residual influence today.

With the visual arts stirring his spirit, D.P. returned to school, where he earned his Master of Fine Arts in Painting at the University of Arizona.  Upon completing his studies he embarked on a 30year career in teaching Art, most of which was at Edinboro University of PA.  Warner was recognized several times in Who's Who of American Educators.  His paintings, drawings and installations have received awards and have been in juried, group and solo exhibitions around this country.  His work has found homes in both corporate and private collections.  Presently, D.P. lives in Northwestern Pennsylvania and works from his studio in Meadville.

At work, during a Quick Draw in Mount Lebanon,PA

At work, during a Quick Draw in Mount Lebanon,PA